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Supported Charities

Established in 1982, Quaker House Belfast works toward reconciliation and a just peace in Northern Ireland.  The spiritual foundation for the work is the conviction that there is a divine potential within every human being; the Quaker commitment to peacemaking is an expression of this belief.  The initiative promotes community building, through statutory and social developments that encourage shared ownership in new institutions, enabling people to move from violence, intransigence, and indifference to negotiation and responsible engagement.

This is a drama group from the St Joseph’s Terra Sancta School for Girls in Bethlehem.  The school, founded by Catholics, now serves a Palestinian community, part Christian, part Moslem.  During the Second Intifada, between 2000 and 2004, the girls undertook a project with their English teacher to write diaries about the day to day experience of life for Palestinian girls in Bethlehem.  With the support of Quakers working in the area, these diaries have been published, and the girls have now worked with their drama teacher to turn their stories into the play being performed here.  A support group in Edinburgh is raising the £15,000 needed to enable them to travel and stay here and perform their moving play for an Edinburgh audience.    

FARM-Africa (Food and Agricultural Research Management) is an international non- governmental organisation that aims to reduce poverty through developing innovative approaches to natural resource management in Africa. Through projects in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda FARM-Africa works in partnership with marginal small-scale farmers and herders to improve the ways in which they farm their land. They believe in working with those most in need: rural communities with a degrading resource base and poor access to markets and services. With even a little assistance, Africa's marginalised small-scale farmers and herders can dramatically improve their lives. Women's empowerment is very important in FARM-Africa’s work and they emphasise the role of women in rural communities where appropriate.

Quaker House Belfast

The Visit of ‘The Stars of Bethlehem’

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